Vision and Values

Steinbach Credit Union has grown and prospered through a longstanding partnership with its members. Today SCU is a vibrant and healthy organization serving the needs of consumer, commercial and agricultural members in Southeastern Manitoba, including Winnipeg.

Our Vision Statement: The Steinbach Credit Union will be the premier financial services provider in Southeastern Manitoba. Highly trained staff will deliver high quality, personalized services in a competitive manner, using proven technology. Professional risk management practices will be employed to ensure security of all members’ assets. People will know that we care about each member and the community will see us different from a bank. We will provide an environment of trust in which members feel comfortable doing business and they will recommend us to their family and friends.

Above and Beyond: The special relationship we have with each and every one of our members is built on decades of unparalleled service. In the changing and often turbulent times our industry faces, we are ever-vigilant to maintain our high standards while continuing to strive for more. As employees of SCU we look deeper within ourselves and how we do our daily jobs to ensure that we deliver the experience our members have come to expect. In short, we must all go Above and Beyond. This sums up what every SCU employee is famous for doing – going above and beyond the call of duty to help a member. It is a very strong statement and it speaks positively in all aspects of whatever we may be doing for a member on any given day.

Going Above and Beyond ensures that we continue to get things done to the complete and utter satisfaction of our members.