CUETS Notice

Important notice for existing CUETS Mastercard® cardholders

As of August 1, 2018, the relationship between Steinbach Credit Union and CUETS Financial has come to an end. This means we will no longer be issuing or servicing CUETS Financial Mastercard credit cards.

We are pleased to provide our members with a new suite of credit cards through our new partnership with Collabria Financial, a Canadian credit card supplier who provides credit unions and their members with best-in-class credit card options. If you would like to maintain a credit card relationship with SCU, please visit our personal and business credit card pages to learn more and find the card that fits your needs.

Impact to CUETS cardholder

All existing CUETS Mastercard credit cards will continue to function as they do today. Your account number, features, and terms and conditions that are associated with your card will not change.  Unfortunately, since we are no longer involved with CUETS, we can no longer provide support for CUETS credit card holders. CUETS Financial will continue to provide support, service, and assume direct responsibility for all administrative and processing aspects of your current Mastercard account as of August 1, 2018. 

Important CUETS Contact Information