RRSP Loans

Borrow today. Invest for tomorrow.

Each year, whether you use it or not, you build contribution room in your RRSPs, TFSAs, and your children’s RESPs. It’s best to use that room every year, so you can maximize your savings and work toward a financially sound retirement. However, between day-to-day living, mortgage payments, car loans, and saving for your child’s education, sometimes life can get in the way of saving for your future. 

We offer two great products that can help get you started or take the next step, our Registered Investment Go! Loan and our Registered Link Line.

Features and benefits of the Registered Investment Go! Loan or Link Line

Features and benefits of the Registered Investment Loan or Link Line

Features that come standard with every SCU loan and line of credit

Smart debt: Why borrowing to save can make sense:

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