Banking Tips

These tips are intended for general informational purposes only and are not considered advice for anyone's specific situation. You should always first consult directly with your advisor to determine the appropriateness of any information you may come across before you take any action. SCU assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of or reliance on this information.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is important. Having the knowledge and confidence to make sound decisions about financial products and services, saving for retirement, saving for a child’s education and making and sticking to a household budget are critical.

One Membership... Many Functions

Do you have a separate membership to save for vacation, education, taxes, insurance or entertainment expenses?

Travelling outside Canada?

Make us your one stop shop for all your vacation financial needs.

Seeing SCU for a loan, mortgage or line of credit?

To help make your application go as smooth and as quick as possible, there are certain items you should bring with you when you see us.

Premium rebate on CMHC mortgages.

Think energy savings for a rebate on CMHC mortgages.

Make your interest tax deductible.

The interest you pay on money you borrow to purchase personal items is not tax deductible, but interest on money for investment purposes is.

Every Month is RRSP Month

Don't fall into the habit of thinking RRSP season is a season.

Pay Yourself First

Get into the habit of saving/investing for yourself and your family first every month vs. waiting to see if anything is left over once everyone else has been paid.

Control ATM Costs

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) costs can mount up quickly if you use your ATM card at teller machines where additional service fees are charged.

Don't Shop 'til You Drop

For some people, shopping can be a way to relieve stress.

Keep Card Information Secure

With the proliferation of credit cards, debit cards and even reward cards from various retailers, members are being asked to do a lot!

Safe Deposit Box List

In a safe place, keep a list of the items that are stored in your safety deposit box, and tell someone you trust the whereabouts of that list.