Steinbach Credit Union Secure Email

SCU understands the importance of being able to communicate with our members in a wide variety of mediums while continuing to protect their privacy and security.  As such, we have introduced a secure web-based portal that will offer a secure, flexible, and efficient electronic option to communicate.

Encrypted emails will be initiated by an SCU representative, or you may be provided with a secure link in order to send an email to SCU. When you receive an encrypted email from SCU, you will be prompted to set up a password and create a web portal account. Once registered, this web portal will function like a regular email inbox, where you will be able to securely view your message, communicate with an SCU representative, and add attachments as necessary.

SCU recommends that you do not use unencrypted email to send sensitive and confidential information or documents. SCU will not ask you to share any personal information without using the secure web portal.

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