Online Banking Services

Online Banking at SCU

We understand that you can’t always make it to our branches in person. That’s why we’ve kept pace with your busy life with electronic and online banking.

We offer a wide range of services that are convenient, fast and secure, all designed to make your life easier. Transfer funds, pay bills, check out the interest rate on your variable mortgage and check account balances. You can do all this and more online from the comfort of your own home or office, or on your mobile device.  Find out more below or by using any of the links to the left.

SCU Direct ® 

The ultimate convenience, SCU Direct® is banking offered anytime, anywhere from any computer with a 128-bit encryption web browser. It’s secure, convenient, simple and available through our website. With SCU Direct , all your options are on screen. You just select the bill you want to pay, type in the amount, and submit. When you sign up you’ll receive a temporary password for your initial visit to SCU Direct. After that, choose your own password for increased security. Each time you log in, you will need your 16-digit login identifcation number (Login ID) and your password.

Electronic bill payment is cheaper than paying by cheque. You save on service fees, the cost of buying stamps and driving around to drop off payments. If you have an SCU chequing package, you get unlimited CU BY PHONE® and SCU Direct bill payments.

To sign up for online banking, contact our member contact centre or see a member service representative at any branch to obtain your personal access code.


CU BY PHONE is an automated, interactive bill payment and banking service you can access 24 hours a day from wherever you are. All you need is a touch-tone phone and a Personal Access Code. With telephone bill payment using CU BY PHONE, the menu options are easy to follow and the instructions are clear.

Main Menu Options

  • Select Account 1
  • Transfer Money 2
  • All Account Balances 3
  • General Information 4
  • Product Information 5
  • Bill Payments 6
  • More Choices 8
  • Previous Menu #
  • Repeat * 
To pay a bill with CU BY PHONE:
Toll-free in North America: 1 800 511.8776
Available 24 hours a day.

  1. Select 6 for bill payments and enter your 16-digit Login ID.
  2. Enter your personal access code.
  3. The system will respond with a menu. To list accounts you can pay, press 1. To pay bills, press the corresponding # indicated at the end of the bill account description.To return to the previous menu,
    press #.
  4. You will be asked to, “Enter the account you wish to debit”.
  5. Once you have selected an account, the system will ask you to, “Enter the amount you wish to pay”.
    Enter the entire amount including cents. Example: If you wish to pay $55.00 touch 5, 5,
    then * followed by 0,0 and the # sign.
  6. To schedule the bill payment, press 1 for immediate payment, press 2 to specify date, or press 3 for reccuring payment.
  7. CU BY PHONE will then confirm that, “You have requested to pay, ‘Company X’ fifty-five dollars from your ‘x account’.” To repeat info, press *. To proceed with the transaction, press 1. To cancel the transaction or return to the previous menu press 2.
  8. Once you have confirmed the transaction, CU BY PHONE will process the transaction. To hear your reference # press 1. This is your receipt and proof of payment. Mark this number on the bills paid in the event you require information regarding your transaction at a later time.
  9. To make another bill payment or return to the main menu, press 2.

NOTE: You may be prompted to enter a 3 digit sub-account #. Your 3 digit sub # can be found using  SCU Direct®  Online Banking service or by contacting SCU.

To sign up for telephone banking, contact our member contact centre or see a member service representative at any branch to obtain your personal access code.

Contact the SCU Member Contact Centre to register:

Steinbach Area: 204.326.3495
Winnipeg: 204.222.2100
Toll-free in North America: 1 800.728.6440