The SCU Mobile App

Giving you secure and fast access to your money.

Want access to your money anytime, anywhere? There's an app for that! The free, Steinbach Credit Union Mobile App.

From your iProduct or Android device, simply sign-in the same way you do to access SCU Direct® online banking. Once you're logged in, you can:

Benefits of the Steinbach Credit Union Mobile App include:

Getting started with Steinbach Credit Union Mobile is easy. All you need is access to SCU Direct. If you don't have online banking access, call our Member Contact Centre at 1 800.728.6440 to sign up today.

The Steinbach Credit Union Mobile App for iProducts or Android devices is free, however service charges apply to certain account services. For more information, contact us directly. In addition, your mobile carrier may charge you for using browser related-services on your mobile device, so check with your carrier for details.

Your security is our priority, which is why the Steinbach Credit Union Mobile App uses strict security measures including increased authentication in order to achieve maximum protection.  Please review your security obligations as outlined here.