Small Business Online Banking

Our online banking service is designed especially for the needs of small and micro businesses, offering easy administration and user-friendly functions. It's the ultimate in convenient and safe online banking.

Features of Small Business Online Banking are:

Signers can approve transactions on-the-go from their mobile web device.

INTERAC e-Transfer and SBOB

INTERAC e-Transfer limits

Outgoing INTERAC e-Transfer SBOB Limits
Transaction limit $10,000
Daily rolling limit $20,000
7-day rolling limit $50,000
30-day rolling limit $100,000
Instant Transfers1
Low dollar amounts (max per Instant Transfer) $500
24-hour rolling limit - per member $500
Sender-to-recipient behavioural history $5,000
Incoming - Receive/Credit
Transaction limit $10,000
Daily rolling limit $20,000
7-day rolling limit $140,000
30-day rolling limit $600,000

Enhanced INTERAC e-Transfer features

Instant Transfer1: Instant Transfers is a unique feature for SBOB members that allows for the recipient of an INTERAC e-Transfer to receive an immediate notification of the transfer without the 30-minute delay. Several events can trigger an Instant Transfer:

Learn more about Instant Transfer, read the FAQs.

Request Money: Now you can request money that you’re owed. Simply select a contact, enter a dollar amount, and the account where you want your funds deposited. You can even add the invoice number and invoice due date. For a small business owner, it’s an important tool to help streamline your payments.

Learn more about Request Money, read the FAQs.

Autodeposit: A new and secure way to receive money without having to answer security questions for every transaction, Autodeposit makes receiving money even easier by linking your email address to your bank account. When an INTERAC e-Transfer is sent, the payment is automatically deposited.

Learn more about Autodeposit, read the FAQs.

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†INTERAC e-Transfer is a registered trademark of Interac Inc., used under license.